Mar 02, 2020Proxy news


It’s a story we hear all the time: Landlords and enterprises that installed Proxy in one location want to make the Proxy access experience their users love available throughout all their properties, from the lobby all the way through the office. For some of our largest customers, this means retrofitting hundreds of access points - from turnstiles, to elevators, to garages, and doors - in each building across hundreds of buildings worldwide. Until now, upgrading to mobile access has required swapping out wall-mounted card readers. That can take 20-30 minutes each.

That’s why Proxy is launching Mobile Reader Nano, the world’s smallest mobile access reader. We packed the capability of Proxy’s wall-mounted readers into an impossibly small package. So small that Mobile Reader Nano fits behind existing card readers, making it possible to retrofit, rather than replace, any existing card reader in a fraction of the time. And with its low profile it’s easy to squeeze them into any turnstile or elevator panel too. We challenged ourselves to engineer a mobile access reader that takes less than 5 minutes to install. To see if we met our goal, watch our install video below:

Nano Install Challenge

Retrofit any access point with mobile access

Mobile Reader Nano can retrofit any existing card reader because of its compatibility with Wiegand-based access control systems. Simply crimp Mobile Reader Nano to the terminal connections for the existing reader, and you’re ready to go with mobile access. All your existing cards and fobs continue to work alongside Proxy Mobile Access.

The product’s small size and standards-based compatibility also make it the ideal solution to retrofit other existing access hardware via a robust set of wiring options that support:

  • All turnstiles, including Alvarado, Boon Edam, and DSI

  • All elevator panels and destination dispatch systems

  • All wallbox, mullion, and mini-mullion wall readers

Upgrade the look of your old readers

Part of making any mobile access project a success is user onboarding and education. That’s why we’ve designed a set of premium Proxy faceplates that slip on your old wall reader in seconds. Made from premium materials, they not only improve the appearance of your old readers, they also make it clear to users where they can use their Proxy Signal to gain access.

Proxy’s faceplate covers come included with the purchase of Mobile Reader Nano and are compatible with the most common card reader sizes:

  • Mullion

  • Mini-mullion

  • Wallbox



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